Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm Sean Thompson, and I'm a web application developer. I'm now into my third year as a professional at a wonderful company near Greenville, SC. Let me tell you a litte about my story.

I made a career change after years of working jobs that just didn't seem to fit me quite right. A friend of mine suggested I take a look at the software development programs at a place called The Iron Yard. It seemed like a great opportunity, and a great fit. I never looked back.

I had great experiences in a couple of intro programming courses in college, and I always knew in the back of my head programming was right for me and my personality. The Iron Yard helped me realize my potential, and it's a great feeling knowing I'm where I belong now.

Given the opportunity, I have been able to develop my skills and knowledge to levels I only dreamed of after the mad sprint of coding school. But coming from the code school path, I'm aware of the knowledge gaps that are inevitably left. I'm constantly trying to identify and fill those gaps, with study and hobby projects in my free time.

I thrive on the challenges of development, and feed off of the energy I get from learning new skills.

Technologies I use at work include Linux, Apache/ Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Javascript, Python, Couchbase, Laravel, Kivy, Bottle